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How I Went From A C+ Level Hacker To A

USA National Senior Doubles Champion In 2 Years

Do you look at those better players on the court next to you just wishing you were good enough to be able to play with them?

Hey, it’s Brent, and I used to go out there and play with my guys but secretly inside wishing I was playing on the other court with those better players.

If that describes you, then I’ve got a quick story for you.

That statement at the top of this page, the one about going from a C+ player to a national senior champion, is true.

No lie…

There was a time in my tennis playing history when I was a a true hacker, you know, sort of a B- / C+ player who could run around the court and retrieve balls all day long, but I couldn’t really put anyone away.

I just wanted to get a little better so I could hang with those other players over there, and if I could somehow make that happen, well, that was going to be good enough for me…

I had a few major weaknesses that I tried to hide, but in the end, my pals or tournament opponents could easily figure out those holes in my game and I’d then just have to play sort of damage control.

This went on for a few years.  Running around, trying to hide the holes in my game, and feeling like I was falling down the slippery slope.

So, I figured it was time to accept reality and see if I couldn’t have someone help me get better.

I asked around and I kept getting pretty much the same answer – if you’re really serious about getting a solid shot making foundation and taking your game up to a “players” level, you gotta go see Tom Stow.

So I did.

Tom helped me in a very short period of time make the move over to that other court with those better players.

And what I learned from Tom are the fundamental strategies & techniques that I can teach you so that you can get to the top of your group now and then up to that next skill level.

So, look, if this is what you’re hoping to accomplish with your game, and even if a national senior championship isn’t something on your radar right now, how about working on your game so you can not only be “the man” within your group of tennis pals, but to where you can also play with that group of players one skill level above you and more than hold your own?

“Hi Brent.  Just a quick note to let you know how much I’m really enjoying the Players Workshop.

I really like the video analysis you’ve been doing on doubles.

My regular doubles partner also just joined.  He’s just as excited as I am.

This is exactly the kind of online tennis instruction I’ve been looking for. Best $27 I ever spent.

Allen T., Ft. Worth TX

If that’s where you’d like to take your tennis game, then I’ve got a solution for you.

The WebTennis Players Workshop, which is a problem solving arena based on those singles & doubles situations where we have problems, is a tightly focused instructional members only area of WebTennis.

It is designed specifically for players like you who want to put in some work, quickly become the top player in your current group of players, and then eventually make that jump up into that next skill level directly above where you are right now.

Here’s what you’re going to get every week in the WebTennis Players Workshop.

  • “What’s The Right Shot” 2 part video episodesEvery Tuesday you’ll receive the “Question” video for “WTRS?”.  We’ll take a look at a specific match play situation in either singles or doubles.
    And then every Thursday, you’ll receive the follow up “Answer” video for that match play situation.  I’ll point out the do’s and the do not’s.
  • “Copy Brent’s…”with the “Answer” video of “WTRS?” you’ll also receive another video in my series titled “Copy Brent’s…”.  This is an instructional series where you can stand up in front of your computer, your smartphone, tablet, or whatever device you’re watching at that time and copy the movements that I do for a specific shot.
  • Live Instructional Webcasts – You’ll be invited to attend my live instructional webcasts that will focus on either a specific match play situation or a stroke technique.  I will schedule these webcasts on a weekly basis, but die to my tournament travel schedule, there will be some months when I won’t be able to do a weekly webcast.When you attend a live webcast, you’ll also be able to ask questions on that webcast’s topic or anything else that’s on your mind.No worries if you cannot attend the webcast, I’ll record them and make them available to you within a day or two.
  • 25% Discount on all of my courses – That’s right, as a WTPW member, you’re always entitled to pick up any of my courses at a 25% discount.  In addition, I offer bundle package discounts as well.  Order 3 courses and receive a 30% discount.  Order the entire library of courses and receive a 50% discount.

Here’s how I will deliver your instructional content directly to you so that you can get on the improvement path towards reaching a higher skill level and being to dominate!

  • You will receive an email from me every Tuesday alerting you to the new instructional material at the WebTennis Players Workshop members area.
  • You can view the material:
    • directly from the website,
    • download video, audio, & transcriptions,
    • attend the weekly live webcast & review the archived webcasts
    • and more…
WebTennis Subscription Comparison Free WebTennis Players Workshop
“What’s The Right Shot” Question Video Yes Yes
“What’s The Right Shot” Answer Video No(Available at $7 per episode) Yes
“Copy Brent’s” Stroke Technique – Mirror Image & Follow the Leader Videos No Yes
Weekly Live Instructional Webcasts


(Available at $7 per webcast)

25% Discount On All of Brent’s Detailed Courses No Yes

What Are The Costs And How Do You Become A WebTennis Players Workshop Student?

The WebTennis Players Workshop is a paid membership.

There are two options for payment – month to month or prepay for a year and receive a 2 month discount.

Cancellation: You may cancel at any time.

Guarantee: After you join, if you decide this is not the right tennis instructional arena for you within the first 30 days of becoming a member, no problem, you are entitled to a full refund.

“Hello Brent,

I used your most recent tip on the fake poach and really felt as if I was controlling the returner.

My partner and I usually really struggle to hold his serve, but the timing of the fake poach has helped us get some free points.

Terrific advice!

Thanks and looking forward to your next email and What’s The Right Shot episode.”

Dan K., Atlanta GA

You May Join The WebTennis Players Workshop
Either As A Monthly Or Annual Member

Payment Option #1 – Monthly Member

  • $27 / month.  Your monthly rate will be locked at $27 for the life of your membership.
  • You will be billed every 30 days.
  • You may cancel at any time.
  • Trial Period: You are entitled to a full refund if you cancel during the 1st 30 days of your membership.

Payment Option #1 – Monthly

Or by phone 925-246-5551

Payment Option #2 – Annual Member

  • $270 – Prepay for one year at $27 month and you will receive 2 months FREE – $54 savings.
  • Your annual rate will be locked at $270 for the life of your membership.  You may opt to pay monthly after your 1st year at a rate of $27/month.
  • You will be billed every 365 days.
  • Trial Period: You are entitled to a full refund if you cancel during the 1st 30 days of your membership.

Payment Option #2 – Annual

Or by phone 925-246-5551

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