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The No-Nonsense Fundamentals Of Tennis Strokes & Strategies

No matter what style of strokes you want for your tennis game, if you are ever to become consistent with your shot making, you must build your strokes from a foundation that is based upon a specific set of fundamentals.

There is no mystery here, no magic elixir, however, once you stray from these fundamentals, your tennis game will produce an inconsistency that will forever hold you down to a skill level that is well below your potential.

Hey, as a tennis teaching professional for the past 35+ years, and an internationally ranked senior tournament player, I have had success in both of those arenas by adhering to the timeless fundamentals of the stroke mechanics.

Once you build a foundation of sound fundamentals, I fully expect you to lay down your own personality on top of those fundamentals.

The payoff is immediate and forever.  These timeless fundamentals will reward you with a lifetime of tennis enjoyment.

Let’s get started…

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1st & 2nd Serves Develop the foundation for imparting real spin. We start by building a sound, dependable, and high bouncing spin 2nd serve. The quality of your 1st & 2nd serves determines the confidence you bring to your matches. Improve your power, spin, consistency, and placement control and the rest of your game instantly improves.Click here
Topspin Forehand Groundstroke
There are 7 true fundamentals to asolid repeatable topspin forehand drive, and there are 3 magic moves.You are going to learn how to generate natural racket speed that will produce a topspin that will solve your two primary challenges- getting the ball safely up and over the net and allowing the spin to bring itself back down inside your opponent’s baseline.Click here
One-Handed Topspin Backhand Just like the forehand groundstroke, there are 7 vital must-have fundamentals to a solid repeatable one-handed topspin backhand drive.Your alignment to the path of the incoming ball is crucial to be able to develop swing freedom.  You and I will get you there so you have an effortless fluid free swinging one-handed backhand topspin groundstroke.Click here
Forehand & Backhand Volleys

Forehand & Backhand Slice Approach Shots

Return of Serve

Two-Handed Backhand Groundstroke

Forehand & Backhand Slice Groundstrokes

Forehand & Backhand 1/2 Volleys

Mental Skills Required For Competitive Tennis Players


Grips – What, Where, & When

The Perfect Classic Tennis Player

The Tom Stow Teaching Method

Singles Strategies:  Serve & Volley

Doubles Strategies:  Why & When To Be Where On The Court

Doubles Strategies:  Interview With Pat Blaskower – “The Art of Doubles”

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