Webcast with Matt Cronin – Is Annacone Helping Federer After 18 Months?

Join me and all-world tennis writer Matt Cronin at a complimentary live webcast as I ask Matt about the coaching partnership with Paul Annacone & Roger Federer.

I get to ask Matt one question, and then you get him all to yourself!

Matt’s an expert on what’s going on with both the men’s and women’s pro tours.

REGISTRATION: The webcast is free but you need to register if you want to attend the live broadcast.  COMPLETED.

FEEDBACK: If you attended the live event or watched the recorded playback, let me know in the Comments area below, what specifically did you like, what did you not like, and what specific topic(s) and/or special guest(s) would you like me to present and host in a future webcast?


Right down there in the Comments area, let er’ rip …


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  1. Thanks Matt – Perhaps questions submitted in advance might make your job a bit easier. I would love to get your 59 page report and find out what kind of glasses Tipjarivic wears.

    • Hi Terry. Thanks for attending.

      You can sign up for the comp report on mental toughness up above and in the right side column.

      I’ll bet you could Google Tipsarevic and glasses and come up with the answer.


  2. Thank you, Matt and Brent. I thoroughly enjoyed the Webcast. I hope you can do this again in the near future! I hope Fed can win his 17th and 18th Gland Slams!! Thank you again.

    • Hey Sam.

      Glad you enjoyed it.

      For syre, I’ll hog tie Matt down for another webcast.

      Maybe we can get him live from the Australian.


  3. We’ve seen Tsonga and Fed doing doing some great net work at the recent World Tour Finals. Is it possible that we will see more pro players focusing on attacking the net, and should tennis instructors and coaches downplay hitting winners from the baseline and stress net play more like old-style tennis?
    Also, as I have taught and continue to teach young players beginning at age 5, with the changes now in place with 10andUnderTennis and the QuickStart format, what do you think we will see in future players thanks to this tennis initiative?
    Enjoyed the webcast. Thanks.

    • Hey Ron.

      YES! Coaches should focus more on teaching kids an all-court game.

      WHY? Because its way more fun, and believe me, the chances of any tennis coach helping a junior become a money making professional are about as good as winning the lottery.

      Thanks for attending today and also for your feedback.


  4. Mike SI, NY says:

    good info from Matt and I enjoyed your video on serving into the body. Can you ask Matt what he makes of the Yannick Noah drugs/HGH accusations that Yannick Noah recently made against Spanish sports stars. Do you think he is imlicating Nadal? I have had some doubts about Rafa but I know the tennis drug tests are random and dilligent and people who know him say he would never cheat. What does Matt make of this? Also, does he see anyway Argentina can beat Spain in the Davis Cup final starting tomorrow? DelPo would need to win his two matches and Nalbandian and Swank win the doubles I guess. If Nalbandian was healthy and played singles they would have had a better chance I feel.
    Finally, if Djokovic had beaten Fed in the French semi and played Rafa – does Matt think Rafa still would have won? I do. But I also say that Fed’s style just lines up well against Novak and that their matches will probably always be close (and I agree with Matt – I cannot see Fed beating Rafa in 3/5 at the French)

    • Hi Mike. Those are all great questions.

      I’ll ask Matt to stop by and leave some feedback for us.

      Thanks for attending today.


  5. huge fan of Matt Cronin on the Twitter and it was fantastic to get to hear your conversation with him. Also being a big FedFan this was the perfect webinar for me. Matts insight to the tour is enlightening and he is clearly a student of the game.
    If you get a chance to bring on @FortyDeuceTwits I would not miss that show!

    • Fortydeucetwits just might have to require a censor!!!

      What a character. What specific topic would be fun to talk with her about?


  6. Rafa said he’s not going to play for the Davis cup again.He needs to concentrate on other things.

  7. Victor Santiago says:

    Smart and enjoyble comments…great job!!!

  8. Excellent interview, loved the candid talk about the “stars. Thanks for posting.

  9. Great stuff… thanks.

  10. Hi Brent, Great webcast with Matt and sorry I couldn’t listen to you live. I would agree with Matt that Annacone seems to of made some subtle changes to Roger and certainly seems to have encouraged him to approach the net more often as in days of old. I am a big Fed fan and would love to see him add a few more slams to his title but believe the only remaining obstacle is his age. By that i don’t believe his physical fitness or his ability to win matches is in doubt but as we all get older we naturally become more cautious and more aware of the decisions we are taking. (fatherhood I think is a big factor) I really hope Rodger can win a few more slams and believe helping Rodger in this regard is Anncone’s real challenge.
    PS. Ten dollars says Tsonga is in top four at end of 2012

    • Hi Simon.

      I think Roger’s playing style is going to allow him to play at a very high level for at least another 5 years.

      I don’t think Rafa can, and I’m not convinced Novak can either.

      I believe Fed’s got another 2 Slams coming.

      $10 for Jo Willy getting into the top 4?

      I’ll take that bet …


  11. Brent, here’s a recommendation for sunglasses:

    Native is the Manufacturer. They are sold at REI. They are expensive, about $150 but they come with interchangeable lenses — dark for bright sunny days, yellow for foggy days. They are excellent. With the dark glasses can toss the ball right into the sun and see it clearly. With the yellow lenses the ball is actually brighter and more visible than when seen with the naked eye. I bought a pair four years ago. They broke when a ball hit the glasses. REI replaced them without question, saying they should not have broken.

    I actually take the glasses off when the sun is at my back, stick them in my right pocket, and put them back on when I am facing the sun. ———— Hope my experience helps you.

    • I use prescription sunglasses I bought online for windsurfing from Silverfish in Newport Beach. Think they were about $200. They’re good with glare and have built-in sash to keep them tight on your head.
      Beware of blade type shades – I remember guy who took hard fall windsurfing and the blade part cut thru skin with impact requiring lots of stitches in a bad spot.

  12. It is fascinating to hear someone who has visited Olympus talk about these immortals who play tennis at that level rankly and candidly.

  13. Marvin Thomas says:

    Just listened to the webcast and I think it was fantastic. Could you cover the ladies a little bit more.


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