Tennis Lesson – Forehand & Backhand Slice Approach Shots

Discover The 7 Vital Fundamentals That Create

One Very Nasty Low Skidding Approach Shot

That Will Give Your Opponents Nightmares

Trying To Hit Their Passing Shots!

Taught by Brent Abel – WebTennis
2009 USA National 60s Hardcourt Singles Champion

Forehand & Backhand Slice Approach Shots Lesson BONUSES

  • Download Access – Brent’s Lesson On The Chip & Charge Slice Backhand Return of Serve
    ($27 Value)
    - Discover the secrets of how to take your opponent’s 2nd serve, play a low skidding backhand slice as you come up to net, and force a very tough passing shot from them.  Show your opponent you love this return of serve a few times and you’ll start to get them to double fault from time to time.
  • Download Access – Brent’s Lesson On The Slice Backhand Drop Shot From The Baseline
    ($27 Value)
    - Once you’ve got control of your updated slice backhand approach shot, show your opponent this approach shot early in the match, and then after a few of them, make them think you’re coming again and break their heart with a drop shot.
  • Download Access – Brent’s Lesson On The Slice Backhand When You’re Pulled Out Wide On The Baseline
    ($27 value)
    - This is a must-have shot when your opponent plays a shot that takes you out wide, sometimes even into your alley, where you can smoothly on balance slide your backhand back nice and deep cross court, so you can be consistent with this shot and buy time to get back into a good court position.
  • $81 of BONUS Value

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Just imagine…

You’ve just smoothed out another topspin backhand groundstroke cross court and your opponent absolutely gets handcuffed trying to handle the depth of your backhand.

Even before they make contact with your shot, you sense they’re really going to struggle with the depth of your shot, and sure enough, your opponent gets your shot back, but you can already see that it’s going to land short.

You quickly move forward to get on their shot early robbing them of their time to scramble back to the middle of the court.

You’ve totally committed to playing your updated backhand slice approach up the line, and after practicing this shot now for a month or so, your confidence is just absolutely unwavering…

You slide your approach shot up the line and it just has this nasty skid and stays low through the bounce.

Your opponent somehow gets there, but their passing shot attempt is a simple foregone conclusion.  It’s over.

Give them credit, they actually got their shot back over the net to you, but hey, come on, they’re falling into the ir alley as you have another easy sitter put away volley.

You can make this happen…

“Dear Brent.

I just reviewed your new lesson on the approach shots.  You know how much I’ve struggled with this shot and anything to do with getting off the baseline.

I literally just finished watching the videos and wanted to write to you immediately.

You have a gift my friend.  I love the way you teach.  Your instruction is so clear and easy for me to understand.  Plus you have a knack of being able to give me confidence that I can actually make improvements to my tennis game.

I already have your serve, forehand, backhand, and return of serve lessons, but your new approach shots instruction is going to really help me overcome my long time avoidance of anything to do with the net!

My tennis buds won’t know what hit them!

Jeremy T. – Seattle, WA

What I Learned From Tom Stow That Will Help You Create Those Nasty Low Skidding Approach Shots!- You know, when I went to get instruction from Tom Stow on my tennis game back in 1979, slice approach shots were the very first shots he had me work through.

Tom wanted me from the get go to think of myself as a pressure style player.

Pressure meaning that I was always looking for a short ball from my opponents, and once I got it, I was going to be relentless about taking that short ball, slice approaching, and forcing my opponents into difficult passing shot attempts.

Tom’s instruction and detailed work with me produced a national 35s doubles championship within 5 years.  There is no question in my mind that my U.S. national doubles Gold Ball was a direct result of Tom insisting that I practice both forehand & backhand slice approach shots a ton.

I’ll be honest with you, before I got the benefits of Tom’s instruction, I was truly an average intermediate player with no real game plan – no real idea of how to force my opponents into missing shots.

Slice approach shots are as much an attitude adjustment in your game as they are mastering certain stroke mechanics.

Once your opponents feel that you’re hungry for a short ball, that you’re always looking for that opportunity to move in and force a passing shot, well, once I started to play this way, I was shocked at how many errors my opponents started to make just trying to keep their shots deep to me.

The residual effect on my opponents’ future shots & unforced errors after I played a few slice approach shots was something I’d never considered before.

You can do the same…

After you update your forehand and backhand slice approach shots, guess just how armed and dangerous you’re going to be…

  • You’ll be playing low skidding thoroughly nasty approach shots that will create nightmarish geometry for your opponents when they try to pass you.
  • Once you establish this shot in singles, opponents will do everything they can to not give you another short ball.  Result = lots of unforced errors from them.
  • Drop shots – You can make it look like you’re going to play another deep slice approach shot only to deftly play a drop shot that is just a complete heartbreaker for your opponent.
  • Chip and charge off of their 2nd serve with either your slice forehand or backhand and force your opponents to have to pass you AGAIN.
  • Make it look like another chip/charge return of serve and play a soft drop shot.  Offer your opponent a bottle of Tums after the match just to show them that you’re not completely heartless.
  • In doubles, when your opponents finally start playing the I formation against you when you’re returning serve, slide that forehand or backhand slice up the line and put that server into a world of hurt.
  • Again in doubles, when you can play your returns of serve from time to time as low skidding slice, guess what, the entire club is going to be on the phone clamoring for you to be their doubles partner (hold out for the best player of course).
  • And on and on – when you can play a consistent slice forehand or backhand approach, AND your opponents know you can, you become The Man (that’s right ladies, you know what I mean!).

Your slice forehand & backhand approach shots can look like this…

What You Get In This Lesson - This is a 60 minute detailed lesson by Brent on the 7 vital fundamentals of the Forehand & Backhand slice approach shots which you can use in either singles or doubles…

  • 19 Individual Video Chapters That Focus On The 7 Fundamentals Of The Stroke…
  • Each Fundamental Includes On Court Instruction by Brent and Voice Over Frame by Frame, Slow Motion Analysis by Brent

    • Ready Position
    • React – Change Grip
    • Spacing / Movement
    • Pre-Contact Swing Shape
    • Contact
    • Finish
    • Moving Through The Shot
    • PLUS
    • Approach Shot Strategies – Deep, Short, Drop Shot, Angled, Deep Middle
    • Visual Training – Relax, Sit & Absorb Both Of These Shots In Repeated Slo-Motion
    • Practice Drills
  • Unlock the secrets to the inner workings of each of the stroke’s elements and then how to synch them into a fluid and effortless underspin slice forehand & backhand approach shot.
  • Learn how to develop a mindset of always looking for that short ball from your opponent.
  • Be the master of your matches with really good court position – rob your opponents of their time to get set up when they have to try to pass you.
  • See the different fundamentals of these strokes from the front, side, and rear views.  You’ll get a much better understanding of what’s happening with each stroke and how to make it work for you.
  • You get instant access to all of the above which is located on this product’s download webpage.
  • Note:  If you’d prefer, you don’t have to download anything.
  • This lesson comes with a DVD.  You get the 60 minute lesson DVD that plays on all worldwide DVD players & computer DVD drives, AND you receive a Data CD that contains the video files formatted to play using the free QuickTime video player on your computer, iTunes, and your video iPod or iPhone.
  • 100% Tennis Player Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee
    Simple Refund Policy: Give me 30 days to help you make significant changes to your slice approach forehand & backhand.  If after 30 days you feel we haven’t accomplished that goal, then zero worries, just let me know, and I’ll promptly refund 100% of your purchase price.
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You make these shots look so easy.  I get as much out of simply watching you demonstrate the shots as I do digesting your detailed instruction on each one of the elements of the strokes.

I really think your visual training video where I get to sit back and take in the strokes over and over again is such a great learning tool.

I’ve loaded both those visual learning videos on to my iPhone and have been able to take a sneak peek at them the past few days.

For the first time ever I feel as if I have a forehand slice approach that stays low.  It used to sit up and I eventually gave up on it.

Not anymore Brent, this is really going to be a big asset in my game.  Even though you didn’t show it in the lesson, I’ve been able to take what you taught me in the forehand slice chapters and apply it to my forehand chip return of serve in doubles.  Wow.  That is a fun shot to play down low to the net rushing server.

Thanks Brent for another superb lesson.

Tommy T., Ft. Collins, CO

100% Tennis Player Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee

You get the following –

  • Want to Get Started Right Away? – You Get Immediate Access To The Lesson’s Videos Download Page
    • The 19 Lesson Videos
      • The 7 Vital Fundamentals of Both The Forehand & Backhand Slice Approach Shots – This DVD plays on all worldwide DVD players and your computer’s DVD drive.
    • PLUS, The 3 Bonus Lessons!
      • Chip & Charge Slice Backhand Return of Serve
      • Slice Backhand Drop Shot From The Baseline
      • Slice Backhand When You’re Pulled Wide On The Baseline
  • OPTION – The Lesson Discs Package Is Mailed To You - Plus You Get Immediate Access To The Lesson’s Videos Download Page
    • DVD – The 7 Vital Fundamentals of Both The Forehand & Backhand Slice Approach Shots – This DVD plays on all worldwide DVD players and your computer’s DVD drive.
    • Data DVD – Each Lesson Chapter Is Formatted For Viewing on Your Computer, iPhone, Other Smart Phones, and a Video iPod

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